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“H” is for Highway 301. Construction of this major U.S. highway in South Carolina began in 1932, when the federal government began taking over the maintenance and construction of many state roads. The route began in Baltimore, Maryland and ended in Sarasota, Florida—crossing through many towns in eastern South Carolina: including Dillon, Latta, Florence, Manning, Olanta, Summerton, Bamberg, and Allendale. From the North Carolina border to the Savannah River, Highway 301 covers a distance of approximately 180 miles. Popular with tourists, the highway had many nicknames, including the “Tobacco Trail”, “Highway of Southern Hospitality,” and “Shortest Route from Maine to Florida.” The route was popular because it avoided some larger cities, had no toll bridges or ferries, and was paved for its entire length.  The building of I-95 in the 1950s and 1960s led to a dramatic decline in tourist traffic on Highway 301.

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