York's Watercolor Artist | Palmetto Scene


York's water color artist Sandy Brindle-Carter talks about her career and her inspirations. Story by Breanna Smith.

TRANSCRIPT: “I think when artists paint, it’s not just writing your name or copying something. You’re putting yourself into it. It’s not just a pretty picture. It’s part of you.” Local artist Sandy Brindle-Carter is a small-town woman, in the big world of art, but that doesn’t scare her. “I have paintings in Canada, I have paintings in Germany, so a little bit of me is everywhere, and people are enjoying it,” says Sandy.

Art and culture are a big part of our world. Art entertains us, transforms us, and becomes part of our everyday lives. I think we can all agree that when it comes to art, inspiration can be the hardest part.  However, local artist, Sandy, finds her inspiration close to home. “I’m inspired by taking photographs,” says Sandy. “I love to just get in the car and go down the back roads. I’ve done some of them a hundred times and I still go and look at the old barns, the old cars, and the houses. It inspires me, seeing what’s around us, you know? You don’t have to go to France to paint. You can paint in your own backyard, and that’s mostly what I do.”

Sandy’s love for art started at a young age and it never stopped. She has painted since she was a little girl. She then began taking classes in 1986 and starting teaching in 1990.  Her passion led her to create her own art studio called Footloose Art.  She picked Footloose for her love of travel. “I’ve been in all lower 48 states, and I hope to go to Alaska and Hawaii one day. I love to travel,” says Sandy.

If you want to become an artist, Sandy has some tips you should follow, because when it comes to being any kind of artist, you don’t just become famous overnight. “For you artists out there, you young artists that think immediately you’re going make it big, have a side job. I did. I started teaching and then I started framing. That way, it will give you that opportunity. It’s all tied in together, so if you’re wanting to be an artist, then I think that you need to have something on the side in theneighborhood of art. Whether it’s photography, framing, working in a gallery, in a jewelry shop. I designed pearl necklaces, and then I started painting. So, as long as you can deal with art.”

Sadly, sometimes art can be discouraged by parents because it doesn’t lead to jobs automatically, but Sandy has a bit of guidance about that. “Encourage your children to paint, to draw, and to look, and don’t be critical of what they do.” And if you feel like you’re not an artist, Sandy has some reassurance for you, as well. “I think everyone’s an artist, whether it’s how you fix your hair, how you rearrange your furniture, or how you dress your children.”

Maybe the next time you’re out and about, you’ll find something that inspires you, or maybe you’ll discover your artistic side. You don’t have to go far. It may even be in your back yard. Whatever it is you do and wherever it is you go, just remember to be inspired by it and have fun! To learn more about Sandy and her art go to Fine Arts America.