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The host of this segment interviews a SC quilter of exceptional talent, Peggie Hartwell. They discuss how quilting can be used in the classrooms to help students synthesize complex ideas, emotions and situations. Ms. Hartwell describes the "technical" process of making a quilt, but also talks beautifully about the INSPIRATION for the quilts she makes.

As an older African American woman, she has seen many troubling times in our state and country surrounding the issue of EQUALITY for all citizens.  As she is inspired by writers, such as MAYA ANGELOU, and also the first black woman airplane pilot, BESSY COLEMAN, she uses that inspiration to guide her quilt-making, as a type of HONORING the struggles and the accomplishments of those people who have proudly made their talent known to the world.  She shares in her interview, "The only way I could get at my sadness was to create this piece" (speaking of the quilt depicting the book  I KNOW WHY THE CAGED BIRD SINGS  by Maya Angelou, and referring to the struggles of African American people in the U.S.)  Also, she said to honor BESSY COLEMAN with a quilt made her proud, by showing that black women have achieved so much and shown such strength, stamina, and determination. 

Ms. Hartwell then moves on to demonstrate steps in the art of quilting, and talking about adjustments that can be made for children in younger grades that would give them the basics of "designing a quilt" but a way to make one without using a needle and thread. Middle and high schoolers could safely attempt a cloth quilt with stitching...or could also get the "feel" of designing a quilt by making a paper quilt artwork,  also.


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