Sea Change, Part 8 - Political Currents - Episode 8


The piece called “Inconvenient Truth” made by Al Gore is viewed as one of the biggest causes of political polarization on the topic of global warming. Global warming was, at the time, deemed a “democratic propaganda issue,” and was not taken seriously by critics. Experts believe that if more focus is put on facts and science, instead of politics, then more progress can be made to combat global warming. The undeniable truth is that water levels are rising at a rapid rate, and measures must be taken. There is a call and need for public officials and leaders who are willing to put aside political agendas, in order to focus on the issues at hand. Only then, with transparency, and a unified vision, can measures against climate change be successfully taken.  

Along the Eastern seaboard, local communities have taken matters into their own hands, to protect their communities from the changing climate. 


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