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What is a Record Technician?

The record technicians are responsible for operating the videotape recording and playback equipment for live programs, or during commercial breaks in network and taped shows. They also evaluate programs before the airdate to make sure they meet strict broadcast requirements. Record technicians use mathematics to calculate playback lengths, record edits and meet exact broadcast times. They need to have a good understanding of physical science to operate and maintain sophisticated electronic broadcast equipment. Reading comprehension skills are necessary to interpret written instructions from broadcast programmers.

Real People Profile

Name: Leon S. Dixon
Workplace: ETV
Education: Associates degree in occupational technology with a major in electronic servicing, Midlands Technical College
Favorite Subject(s)
in School:
Public speaking
First Real Job: McDonalds
Dream Job: Owning my own business, preferably in sales
Interests: Travel to different cities, old and new cars, all sports, and reading

Real People Q&A

Advice for students interested in my job:
Must be able to communicate well on paper and in person. Work well with others, also a good work ethic. In addition, you must be able to work well under pressure.

What subjects in school will students need to do my job?
Take your required basic computer skills and classes in basic electronics to learn how the machines operate. It’s also good to take a course in media arts to learn editing and production skills.

What I like most about my job? 
Being able to work with professionals, and to know that once we finish a production it will go to air or will be edited, then sent to air. Being able to make big decision, after evaluating a program, whether it should air or not.

What is the biggest challenge in my job?
Working under pressure during live production and festival events. You have deadlines to meet and it's your responsibility if a program is not technically evaluated and prepped properly.

How do you get a job like mine? 
Minimum requirement is an associates degree in electronics and gaining experience as a radio and TV technician. Gain knowledge of broadcasting standards, production techniques and operating complex videotape recorders. Last, but not least, basic computer skills.