Audio/Visual Technologies

Employees in Audio/Video Technologies design, install, and maintain systems and equipment used to present information in the form of sound and pictures to a particular audience. Quite often, A/V Technologies involve the transformation of transmitted digital information into audio and video displays.
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Mignon Clyburn | SC African American History Calendar
Episode 3


Mignon L. Clyburn became the first woman head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when she was appointed Acting Chair by President Barack Obama in May 2013. She was also the first African...
ETV | Kids Work!
ETV | Kids Work!


​ ETV in South Carolina is one of the largest statewide public television networks in the country. The main network station is located in Columbia and there are three fully staffed regional ETV...
Inside a Television Station | Kids Work!
Inside a Television Station | Kids Work!


Students will connect schoolwork with real work as they explore a virtual representation of a television station with specific work areas labeled and defined. Hover your mouse over room to take a look...
Euniek Group | Carolina Money


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Kevin Felder, or shall we say, Big Redd? Kevin Felder shares about his startup, The Euniek Group, and his other life as a Christian Hip-Hop artist.
EFP Specialist | Kids Work!


What is an EFP Specialist? Electronic field production (EFP) specialists are responsible for videotaping aesthetically pleasing and informative television footage that will be used in broadcast and...
Record Technician | Kids Work!


What is a Record Technician? The record technicians are responsible for operating the videotape recording and playback equipment for live programs, or during commercial breaks in network and taped...
Videographer | Science Splash


About the Speaker ETV’s Lynn Cornfoot explains how she first got interested in filmmaking as a child. She also demonstrates some of the cameras used in broadcast television and discusses what it’s...
Learn Basic Software First | Artopia


Simon Tarr explains it's important to have a deeper understanding of topics and subjects for your art. Learn how to use the basic media software that comes with your computer and work your way up to...