The Pink Palace | The World of Cecil


The sixth segment delves into the historical student protest in Orangeburg, South Carolina, in 1960. The movement, inspired by the Greensboro sit-ins, featured students from Claflin and South Carolina State University who marched to protest racial segregation. After nonviolent protests at local lunch counters and facing police resistance, the students staged a massive march on March 15, 1960. Over a thousand students, including those from Claflin and S.C. State, assembled at Trinity Church and marched to the town square, demanding equal rights. The police responded with water hoses, billy clubs, and arrests, leading to over 365 students being detained in an outdoor stockade called the "Pink Palace." Cecil Williams captured these crucial moments in history, preserving the images of their struggle for civil rights. The segment highlights the resilience and determination of these students in the face of adversity.