Piedmont | Web of Water

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In this webisode, as Ian Sanchez traveled through the Piedmont, he noticed the river had changed since leaving the mountains. Read more of his summary below: 

Ian's Journal

As I traveled through the Piedmont, I noticed the river had changed since leaving the mountains. I passed through rural farmland enjoying the sounds of animals and agriculture. It was a balance between the peacefulness of the river and the activity of population along its banks. All the lakes on the Upper Saluda are man-made. That meant carrying my kayak across many dams on the river beginning at Lake Greenwood State Park and ending at Lake Murray. Paddling the Piedmont, you can see man adapting the river to his needs all around you.

From the Piedmont we will head to the Sandhills and continue to observe how the earth shapes the waterways and the waterways shape the earth.

Scavenger Hunt

Find the answers to these questions in Webisode 2: Piedmont!

1. What is detritus?

2. What is a lake in the Piedmont that provides hydroelectric power?

3. How many lakes along the Saluda are man-made?

4. Who is Laurens County named after? What is the significance of that?

5. What was the town of Ninety-Six named after?