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No Fear for Freedom: The Story of the Friendship 9

By: Kimberly P Johnson

Illustrations By: Vanessa J. Thompson

Read by: Dr. Rosalyn Clark Artis, President of Benedict College

Many of the icons of the Civil Rights Movement will never be forgotten. However, we must also make sure that the work of other activists will be remembered too. They were ordinary people who fought against discrimination and prejudice. Unfortunately, they may never find their names in a history book, on a display board or in a museum. As communities, we must discover these amazing citizens and honor them. The Friendship 9, a group of college students and activists in Rock Hill, South Carolina, claimed a rightful place in history by challenging inequality and unfair laws. In 1961, their decision to help place into motion the Jail, No Bail strategy empowered many communities. As we continue to learn from our struggles and most importantly create a world free of racism and social injustice, we will inspire our future generations to do the same!

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