Inn at Merridun | Ghosts & Legends II


The house was built in 1855 by the mayor of Union. In about 1900, the house was named the Merridun. The house was bought in 1990, and the owners started working on it in 1992. They started seeing a lady in a gray dress, and they began finding shiny pennies on the floor. Footsteps are heard upstairs.  A clairvoyant visited and identified ten energy forces in the house. Some of the ghosts include children, Native Americans, a mammy, a white dog, and a lady named Margaret. The cat, J.D., used to carry on conversations with some entity, changing the intonation of his voice throughout their long conversations. It is thought that J.D. might still be around, making sure the innkeeper is doing her job. Upstairs in the Sister's Room, there is an entity that stands in the bathroom door. Most people say they have never felt frightened and that the spirits in the house are all good.