Hunter's Store | Ghosts & Legends II


The building that now houses the Pendleton District Commission was built in 1850. In 1870, the Hunter family bought it and opened the Hunter's Store, owned by the Hunter brothers. In the 1890s, there was a gentleman who was inebriated, and was riding a horse and fell into the creek. He was a friend of the Hunter brothers. They had a caretaker's room upstairs and they put the gentleman into the bed and left him for the night. When they checked on him in the morning, he had frozen to death. On the facing of the doorway to that room is written "May 19, 1894 very cold." It is thought that he died that night, due to the weather being so unseasonably cold. The sounds of a box of books being dropped, scurrying, and footsteps are often heard, and a silhouette crouching down, with lots of curly hair and a curly beard has been seen.  He is always heard on the second floor, but the sightings have been on the first floor.