Headless Torso: Battery Carriage House Inn | Ghosts & Legends II


Headless Torso: Battery Carriage House Inn, Charleston, S.C.

During the Civil War, Confederate soldiers had cannons on the Battery (today's White Point Gardens) and slept in the carriage houses. Near the end of this time, the cannons and munitions  were blown up in huge explosions that shook houses all along the waterfront. We know that some of those soldiers were killed, and some were injured, and some had stayed there in the carriage houses. The figure of a headless torso, moaning and groaning, appears in Room #8.

The other ghost at the Battery Carriage House Inn is the son of the family who lived there in the early 1900s. Coming home from school at Yale University in 1904, he was shocked to learn that his girlfriend had married the man who used to be his best friend. He went up to the top floor and flung himself from a window. He haunts Room #10.