Ghost of Zoe: Poogan's Porch | Ghosts & Legends II


Ghost of Zoe at Poogan's Porch, Charleston, S.C.

Poogan's Porch has been located on Queen Street in Charleston, S.C. since 1976. Zoe St. Amand and her sister, Elizabeth, were spinsters who lived together for more than 60 years, the last 20 of which were lived there on Queen Street.  When Elizabeth died after a short illness, Zoe couldn't deal with it very well. She moved into a nursing home and died there in 1954, nine years after her sister's death. The new owners turned the house into a restaurant and many renovations were needed, which angered Zoe greatly. When the restaurant opened, Zoe was there, sometimes peering at people from around a corner, sometimes walking into the building like a customer. Being angry, she likes to startle people, and she sometimes pushes people. She can be seen haunting every floor, walking through the dining rooms, coming through the front door, and at the bar.  Where might Zoe next be seen?