Ghost of Madeline & Bride of West End | Ghosts & Legends II


Ghost of Madeline, Newberry, S.C.

The legend of Madeline, the young woman who climbed the bell tower of Keller Hall at Newberry College, and while searching for her fiance', John, she slipped and fell to the ground with the bell tower rope wrapped around her neck, and was strangled. A local doctor said she died of a broken heart. Students at the college have told stories of seeing Madeline in a sheer, white dress. 

Bride of West End, Newberry, S.C.

In the cemetery in the mill town in Newberry on certain nights, the form of a young woman can be seen standing by the grave, sitting in the trees, or roaming the fields next to the cemetery. She is said to be waiting for her finace' to go to their wedding.