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Standard 8-6.1

8-6.1 Explain the reasons for United States involvement in World War I and the war’s impact on South Carolina and the nation as a whole, including the building of new military bases and the economic impact of emigration to industrial jobs in the ...

Grade(s): 8

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2011

WWI Photo Gallery | History in a Nutshell
WWI Photo Gallery | History in a Nutshell
Episode 2


This photo gallery contains the following visuals: Map of Europe, 1914. Triple Entente Countries In Blue; Triple Alliance/Central Powers Countries In Red The Zimmerman Telegram The Evening World...
World War I | History In A Nutshell
Episode 1


A brief video on World War I: how the war started, the U.S.' involvement, fighting the war, and the aftermath, with the Treaty of Versailles. *Important Note: Italy was originally a member of the...
Commemorating the "War to End All Wars"
Commemorating the "War to End All Wars"


In this unit students will review the events leading up to the United States’ involvement in World War I, analyze President Wilson’s speech to Congress asking them to vote favorably for war, explore...

Elliott White Springs | S.C. Hall of Fame


"There's no such thing as bad publicity..." This remark, attributed to Irish playwright Brendan Behan, sums up the advertising philosophy of noted textile executive Elliott White Springs of Springs...
Bernard Baruch | S.C. Hall of Fame


Bernard Mannes Baruch was by all accounts one of the most famous and influential Americans of his era -- and certainly one of the wealthiest. Born in South Carolina in 1870, Baruch was a governor of...