Sassafras | Forty Acre Rock (S.C.)

Sassafras albidum
• Medium to large size tree
• Flowers appear before leaves
• Leaves not toothed, lobed or not, in three patterns
• Patterns have "thumb and mitten" outline, 3 fingers or smooth egg shape
• Leaves hairless to velvety-hairy beneath
• Twigs green, often branched
• Crushed leaves, twigs, and bark spicy-fragrant
• Leaves are deciduous
• Leaves 5 - 23 cm (2 - 9 inches)
• Fruits blue, fleshy, one seeded
• Mature bark red-brown and furrowed
• Used medicinally and to make sassafras tea
• Found throughout Eastern United States
• Can reach up to 50 feet tall
• Cultivated for its precious bark
• Wood is yellow and soft

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