Fall Webworm | Forty Acre Rock (S.C.)

Hyphantria cunea
• Silk web made by caterpillar
• Native to North America and Mexico
• Larvae often seriously damage trees and shrubs
• Larvae spin silk over foliage, skeletonizing leaves as they feed
• Shade trees can be heavily infested with cocoons
• Adults are small white moths
• Adult has wingspan of about 1.5 inches
• Front wings entirely white to heavily speckled with black spots
• Hind wings white
• White to dark abdomen
• Adult deposits eggs in the hundreds on the underside of leaves
• Larva are typically pale yellowish-greenish with a broad dark stripe going down both sides
• Pupation occurs in thin cocoons typically spun beneath the soil
• Seldom a pest in US
• Habitats include apple, ash and oak trees


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