Birds Foot Violet | Forty Acre Rock (S.C.)

Viola pedata
• No stems
• Leaves and stalks arise from underground rhizomes
• Leaves divided into many sections and have no hairs
• Contains small flowers, approximately 1 inch wide
• Leaves resemble a bird's foot
• Lilac or lilac and purple flowers occur at end of stalks
• Small (2.0 - 2.2 mm) copper colored seeds
• Pollinators include butterflies and bumblebees
• Seeds projected 25 - 510 cm from plant and often picked up by ants and carried to their nests which reduces seed predation and increases changes of reproduction
• Native to Eastern United States
• Threatened status in 1990 due to habitat destruction such as agricultural expansion, competition from woody plants and use of herbicides
• Habitats include deciduous forest of savannas and sandy, well drained soils

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