Main Lobby Features | The SC State House

Other features of the main lobby include the outside facade, the false dome, the dome room, which leads to the outer dome, and hand-carved mahogany doors which provide entrance to the Joint Legislative Conference Room.

Outside Facade: The outside facade of the main lobby is made of finely-polished, precision-crafted sections of Tennessee dark cedar marble.

False Dome: The large dome in the ceiling of the main lobby is not the dome one sees on the exterior of the State House building, It is a false dome placed there strictly for aesthetic purposes. It does not rest directly beneath the outside dome, but is offset so it will be in the center of the lobby.

Dome Room: This dome room is located between the false dome above the main lobby and the outer dome of the State House. About 16 feet, or approximately five meters wide, it contains a staircase leading to the top of the outer dome. According to legend, a death occurred here a number of years ago and the ghost of the deceased still haunts the dome room.

Hard-carved Mahogany Doors: In the center of the main lobby, these hand-carved mahogany doors, the only original doors remaining in the South Carolina State House, lead to the Joint Legislative Conference Room.