Joint Legislative Conference Room | The SC State House

Now the Joint Legislative Conference Room, this room was once the state law library and later the office of the legislative council. This is the only room in the State House that has remained original. Interesting features of this room include the wrought-iron staircase, the balcony railing, the ceiling, and the chandelier.

Twin Spiral Staircase: The original twin-spiral staircases are crafted of wrought-iron, a favorite material of builders when the State House was constructed.

Balcony Railings: The railings are of wrought-iron, finely crafted by hand by artisans of the iron trade.

Ceiling: The ceiling in the Joint Legislative Conference Room is pressed metal and it has been painted to match its original color.

Chandelier: This is the only remaining original chandelier in the State House. All of the others have been damaged or replaced by modern replicas over the years. At one time, the chandelier was gas-operated. This required that the chandelier, which weighs almost 1000 pounds, be lowered and raised every day for lighting. Replicas of this chandelier can be found in both the Senate Chamber and the House Chamber.