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Don Quattlebaum, owner of Just More Barbecue in Pendleton, SC, adapted his father’s family recipe for “low country hash” to suit the tastes of people in the Upstate region. Quattlebaum remembers family reunions in Batesburg where his father and uncles cooked liver-based low country hash. According to Quattlebaum, people in the Upstate prefer not to eat liver in their hash so he modified the recipe and has served hash in his restaurants for over 20 years.
After owning the Esso Club in Clemson for eight years, Quattlebaum moved out to the country to run a dairy farm. Just More Barbecue grew out of the barbecue business Quattlebaum ran within the Esso Club. He calls the move to the farm as “coming home to cook our barbecue.” Quattlebaum believes that his restaurant is one of the few in the area to serve hash alongside the popular Brunswick stew.

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