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Drayton Hall, built between 1738 and 1742 by John Drayton on the banks of the Ashley River in St. Andrew's Parish, Charleston County, has been declared a National Historic Landmark. It is currently owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and presented as an outstanding example of Georgian architecture in South Carolina. It once had flanker buildings on each side of the main house. Other examples of the Palladian influence can be seen in its exterior balance and in the beautiful details of interior carvings and plasterwork. A royal judge, John Drayton owned extensive rice properties and over 500 slaves at his death, but owed extensive debts for his extravagant living. Despite war, fire, and earthquake, Drayton Hall survived, remaining in the Drayton family for two centuries, and is the only plantation house still standing along the Ashley River. This side of the house faces the land. Photograph 1978.

Courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism.

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