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“Smart is fun with Knowitall.org!”

“Smart is fun with Knowitall.org!

Knowitall features a wide assortment of over 8,700 media assets, created by South Carolina ETV with a variety of partners for preK-12. The content has been optimized for tablets and mobile devices for one-to-one learning.

On Knowitall, as of September 17, 2020, you will find approximately:


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Funding for Knowitall.org was provided by the S.C. General Assembly through the K-12 Technology Partnership, which is steered by a unique public/private partnership that includes the S.C. Department of Administration, S.C. Department of Education, S.C. Educational Television, S.C. State Library, S.C. Education Oversight Committee and the private sector, represented by AT&T and the S.C. Telecommunications and Broadband Association. The Initiative guides the distribution of funds appropriated by the Governor and General Assembly. These funds collectively help to meet the state’s schools’ need for software, hardware, connectivity, digital content, instructional technologies and professional development.

Lighting Designer  | Kids Work!
Lighting Designer | Kids Work!


The Lighting Designer creates the stage lighting for the performance. Students will play the role of a lighting designer to understand that the lighting designer creates stage lighting for...
Box Office Manager |  Kids Work!
Box Office Manager | Kids Work!


The Box Office Manager manages the office that books and sells tickets for the theater. Students will play the role of a box office manager and understand the duties and responsibilities of one who...
Playwright | Kids Work!
Playwright | Kids Work!


A Playwright writes a play that is performed by actors on a stage. Students will understand the components that make up a script including characters, background, setting, acts, and scenes. This...