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KnowItAll features a wide assortment of over 10,000 media assets and lessons, created by South Carolina ETV with a variety of partners for preK-12. The content has been optimized for tablets and mobile devices for one-to-one learning.

On KnowItAll, as of October 11, 2023, you will find approximately:


  • 5163 videos
  • 784 lessons
  • 1336 audio files
  • 2095 photos
  • 144 interactives
  • 505 documents

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SCETV is committed to access, equity, and meeting the needs of 21st century learners. We are currently working to review all of our educational resources with the hopes of removing and/or updating any that could be viewed as insensitive or as omitting critical historical contexts. As we embark upon these review efforts, we will address concerns as they are shared with us from valued members of the community like you. We also welcome any additional comments about how we can facilitate thoughtful, engaging, and meaningful learning experiences in this area. You can share them at etveducation@scetv.org.


We strive to make sure as many assets as possible meet accessibility requirements.




Funding for KnowItAll.org was provided by the S.C. General Assembly through the K-12 School Technology Initiative, which is steered by a unique public/private partnership that includes the S.C. Department of Administration, S.C. Department of Education, S.C. Educational Television, S.C. State Library, S.C. Education Oversight Committee and the private sector, represented by AT&T and the S.C. Telecommunications and Broadband Association. The Initiative guides the distribution of funds appropriated by the Governor and General Assembly. These funds collectively help to meet the state’s schools’ need for software, hardware, connectivity, digital content, instructional technologies and professional development.

Within this Collection

Red Cockaded Woodpecker | What's Wild


In our first episode of What’s Wild, we’re traveling to the Sandhills and checking out the Red Cockaded Woodpecker! Let’s see how this threatened bird species adapts to life in this unique ecosystem...
Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 4
Episode 4


The final segment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition outlines the journey back to St. Louis, Missouri. Along the way Lewis and Clark split up after the Bitterroot Mountains to explore previously...
Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 3
Episode 3


Part 3 of the Lewis and Clark Expedition chronicles the journey from Fort Mandan to their arrival at the Pacific Ocean. The most challenging portions of the trek west take place here: the portage...
Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 2
Episode 2


Part 2 of the Lewis and Clark Expedition outlines the early days of the journey west: breaches of conduct, the death of Sergeant Charles Floyd, documenting never-before-seen animals and plants...
Lewis and Clark Expedition Part 1
Episode 1


Part 1 of the Lewis and Clark Expedition outlines Americans' desire to explore the then unknown west of the early 1800's. President Thomas Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in...
On the Farm | Go For It


From peacocks and goats, to train rides and soap, tag along with Devyn as she discovers why a day on Emerald Farms with the family is a day well spent.
Living History Park | Go For It


From baking and toy making, to weaving and making furniture, Devyn goes to the Living History Park in North Augusta, GA to try out colonial life.
Edgefield Pottery | Go For It


Experience the history and charm of this small, Southern town as Devyn attempts to delve into its celebrated ceramics