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Knowitall, PBS LearningMedia and LearningWhy

“I like the user-friendly formats for Knowitall, PBS LearningMedia and LearningWhy.” – 9th grade teacher, Georgetown County School District


Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling - ETV Teacher Recertification Course, Winter 2019. (Video content available oin Knowitall.org.) 
This course exceeded my expectations with regards to content, organization and required work.  It has enhanced my knowledge of the art of storytelling and provided me with much needed pointers to hone my skills to become a better storyteller. I found the course to be very interesting as it expanded my knowledge of storytelling and how I can connect it to my work with students in the library. The most helpful aspects is the advice offered by the veteran storytellers such as how to read the audience, use gestures, use of good eye contact and story selection. I would certainly recommend this course to other librarians and classroom teachers, as incorporating storytelling into lessons and the curriculum can improve student learning through listening and participation.  Through this course I was also introduced to the online resource knowitall.org which I will be able to share with my fellow educators.  Storytelling can be a bridge to connecting students and books,  this course has given me the confidence I need to move forward in this wonderful art. -Annette R., Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling, Winter 2019.



In this article from PlanBook.com, Knowitall’s Kids Work! was recommended. Please see the section about State and Federal Career Resources (excerpting below).. View the full article here.

The article, “How to Plan an Inspiring Career Day for Elementary Students” states:

“Many states offer career exploration resources. This is great for classrooms with limited resources. For example, a project from South Carolina’s public education system is called Kids Work. South Carolina ETV explains the program as “a virtual community of workplaces designed to give students an interactive job exploration experience that connects school work to real work.”

The layout of Kids Work provides a helpful example for how to introduce students to career professionals in a way that doesn’t feel intimidating.”



I love that teachers can research SO many topics and provide the students with videos to watch and real pictures to view. This helps to make the learning personal and real because they can see it. This would have been a great tool for my students when doing research or having computer time. I was often encouraged to allow my students time to explore internet resources for fun. The goal was for them to feel pressure to produce a product afterwards. Often, students learn so much better when the can learn for fun instead of being pressured to remember everything! I love that you can filter the categories and then look at different formats such as: audio, documents, interactive, photo, and video. Teacher could assign a topic and allow students to review the information provided.

For example: If a student was assigned to present a project about the influenza, they could look at real pictures from the pandemic. Students who are artistically gifted could draw pictures of a hospital room or print off pictures from the influenza and make a collage to present to the class. They could watch the short video and compile all the knowledge they learned from class and the website and present an information speech about the pandemic or write a play teaching the class what they learned.

There were so many wonderful topics and resources on this website! I am so amazed by the information, various formats, and standards-based resources you can find. I really like that you can look subjects up by grade level or topic. I taught younger grades and this website could be used for them too! This would be a great resource when learning about colonial times and animal groups in second grade. I love the idea of allowing my students to get onto the website themselves, watch videos, look at pictures, and read documents on their own! This allows learning to become personal and applicable for each student! -Alison W., SC Chronicles: Lesson 9, November 2018.


I Support ETV Education Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling (Video content available on Knowitall.org)

“The ETV course most definitely met my expectations. I am now more knowledgeable in the techniques and appreciate advice shared by these amazing storytellers. I have recommended this course! It is flexible; the content is interesting, structured, organized, and increases one’s knowledge of storytelling.” - Pam G., Connecting with Literacy Through Storytelling, July 2018 


ETV Teacher Recertification - Making Connections with Natural History Featuring Rudy Mancke, Series I and Knowitall.org

The most important thing I learned from this course is to be passionate. If I could come to all my classes with the passion that Rudy Mancke has, I would be ever so grateful!  He came to love nature at a young age and it was not by accident. Someone in his life showed him real specimens of skulls and snakes, then he took the initiative to keep learning through books, asking questions and going out into the field to learn for himself. We can teach our children to go through life looking for their passion and following through the same way Mancke did.

Secondly, it is vital to give students real-life application in their studies. With science it can be as easy as bringing in a dead specimen rather than looking at a picture on the smartboard. In social studies we can show them actual tools used by early settlers. In language arts we can explore recordings of early language and dialect. The possibilities are endless! It is our job as educators to bring these examples to them and bring the world around them to life.

Lastly, I never realized how many resources were out there to help educators with in-house field trips. Going through knowitall alone, I found so many interesting videos that my children even sat with me at the computer to watch some!  We are an ever-changing society and right now our students love technology. The more we can integrate it in our teaching, the better.  -T. Ryder, ETV Recertification Course participant


ETV Teacher Recertification - Literary Tour of SC, Series I and Knowitall.org

I love www.knowitall.org and appreciate being introduced to it. I love it so much that it made me take a detour from "The Tour". In fact, I got absolutely lost. In addition to the wonderful "A Literary Tour of South Carolina" videos, I found many more ideas for incorporating the site into writing in the classroom. I may take a little detour in this response as well!

When I went to "Writing", I discovered videos , documents, and photos that I would use. The photos already have wonderful writing activities at one's fingertips. I especially like "Bird" and "A Man and a Horse by a Stream". The "Conversations With Carolina Writers" is good as well. The video about the poetry contest directed me to the South Carolina State Library where additional writing contests could be found. Having my interest in teaching poetry sparked, I left the site and found that April is National Poetry Month and that April 26 is A Poem in Your Pocket Day when you carry a poem in your pocket to share with others. I would suggest carrying two. One would be from a poet from a video we have watched in class and the other of the student's choice. "Carolina Stories" could spark ideas for writing historical fiction. "A True Likeness" is fascinating. I was captivated by "Inside Storytelling" and would now assign "Write a Story to Be Told" that would include presenting it with sound effects, dialect, voice, and movement-whatever would be appropriate for the particular story. Among others, I would show Jackson Gillman, Kitty Wilson-Evans, and Rixon Lane. With Rixon Lane, I learned of the National Storytelling Youth Olympics and convention. I would share those  opportunities. The expression with which they tell their stories supports Dinah Johnson's demonstration of reading with emotion.

Some books have Teacher's Guides as is the case for Idella Bodie's Ghost Tour. The next two series for the Literary Tour have key ideas, standards, and key words.

I will now get back on track. To use the videos from this course, I would group them by genre so that compare / contrast and any other analysis would be easier and more memorable. Point of view, writing process (outlining, collage, boards, folders, putting work away for a while, moving the story along, etc.) would be addressed. Also, the naming of characters, use of dialogue, and how the author gets ideas would be discussed. After working within the genres, the authors would then be compared across the board. I would also provide books by these authors. I really liked the question "How would you celebrate this author?" I would ask that as well. Seeing that authors have unique methods will probably help young writers find what works for them. They may also see the importance of being on the lookout for a story idea by being observant of their surroundings and events. They may also become people watchers. 

I found something of value in each video that can make students become better writers. -L. Shah, ETV Recertification Course participant


I Support ETV Education - Knowitall.org

“I knew about ETV’s www.knowitall.org several years ago, but honestly haven't looked at it in several years.  I think it is amazing what is available on there now, and how it can now be accessed on mobile devices.” - Maricary H., SC teacher 


ETV Teacher Recertification - Arts and Career Connections, Series I - Topic 16 - Knowitall.org and Artopia

I explored ARTOPIA and found it insightful. I did not know about KNOWITALL or ARTOPIA before taking this course. The information presented is engaging for students. I reviewed the theatre and music sections and learned how beneficial it would be to improving students' reading and comprehension. The information is aligned to South Carolina State Standards and was updated in August and June of this year respectively, which means the information is current. The word bank in each area helps to increase and improve student's vocabulary. The one minute videos provide just enough information to start the thinking process, start a conversation, and receive feedback. So much can be brought to the teacher's lessons with these additional resources.

I plan to share this information with the teachers in my elementary school. It is presented in a way that is not threatening. I think this information will be well received as an added bonus to instruction. - Paula G., ETV course participant Fall 2017


ETV Teacher Recertification - Career Education for Student Success, Series I - Topic 12: Career Reflection - Career Aisle on Knowitall.org

I am very familiar with the career segments found in "Career Aisle" in ETV's Knowitall.  At my school we have used it many times during job shadowing if students were not able to secure a place to job shadow.  They were allowed to choose a segment that interested them.  They were responsible for completing questions about the career they chose and reflect upon their findings. 

We also use it during our career fair day for research purposes.  The career segments offer another avenue for them to gather information about certain careers.  I have used the career segments in my Careers classes to help students gather information as they try to make decisions about their future careers. 

 I love the personal touch throughout the segments.  Students are able to experience a typical day on the job through video. Students are able to gain valuable information and use that information to make future career decisions. - Susan S., ETV course participant Fall 2017


I Support ETV Education - Knowitall.org

“Thank you ETV! The resources available to educators through ETV affirm my faith in what we are doing in South Carolina educationally, providing a library of videos for everyone to use for free in the classrooms.”  - Mike R., ETV course participant Fall 2017



Among my colleagues, I can share resources.  From this class alone I have become more aware of the variety of Pre-K through 12th grade educational resources available through SCETV.  For example, NatureScene, Knowitall, Project Discovery, Carolina Stories, and Environmental Ed.  In order for students to really grasp the meaning and intent of Natural History, they need to experience it in the context of authentic learning situations as an integral part of their school experience. The resources I mentioned are intended to align with core instructional standards and have the potential to help teachers of various subjects and grade levels organize, structure and enhance their lesson/unit planning.  There are numerous topics and the content is often specific enough that teachers could supplement a lesson with a short video that either introduces or reinforces main ideas. -L. List, art teacher, ETV Teacher Recertification Participant 2017



Love the layout on the home page! Large icons and different areas for searching. Also, the hghlighted content that scrolls across to show many options all in one place, and the subject icons! -7th grade social studies teacher, participant in ETV Face-to-Face Workshops 


Kids Work! Coloring Pages

I am a hospital educator who often does tours with children at our hospital. I came across your health careers coloring pages. I am wondering if those pages can be used freely so I may make copies of the pages to provide to the children who come on our tour. - M. Shelton, hospital educator

Knowitall's response was an enthusiastic, "Yes, absolutely, please feel free to distribute as you’re able to, and print as many as you’d like! We are happy that you can use them!"


Palmetto Special

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been looking for the Palmetto Special videos to use with my students for over a year now. I am so glad I discovered that these videos are available on your website. While they are rather dated, the content is still great. Please do not remove these videos so that future generations of South Carolinians can learn from them. Thank you!  - J. Long, SC educator



“Why haven't I used ETV’s Knowitall site before? It is so jammed packed with such interesting topics and information that could be used in my classroom … knowledge I can share with my students … a site that is easy to use and free!” -  Karen M., SC teacher, ETV Teacher Recertification Participant 2017


Career Aisle on Knowitall.org

“I’m so in love the Career Aisle site! I’m a school counselor. It is just the kind of resource I need to provide students with a more in-depth look into individual career fields. The site is very easy to navigate … search by grade and subject … a variety of information on all the career clusters!”  - May 26, 2016, 4:42 PM, Bernice S., ETV Teacher Recertification Participant 2016



I was very familiar with the Knowitall Career Aisle site eight years ago when I was a Career Specialist but I have not visited this site in years. I have explored it in its entirety tonight and hate I have not been using this with classroom guidance lessons. There are so many resources and SC stories in addition to great career information. What I found to be most useful is everything!

In my district, we have attendance issues, so next year I plan to assist teachers in incorporating career videos before lessons to make the school to work connection for our students. This will be a great site for short snip-its on a variety of careers. 

Thank you for reminding me about this resource! - May 9, 2016, 11:43 PM, Martha B., ETV Teacher Recertification Participant 2016



I have never heard of Knowitall Media. I have already found a segment I will use on weather. - April 13, 2016, 10:13 AM, Elizabeth T., ETV Teacher Recertification Participant 2016