Williamson's Plantation, Battle of | South Carolina from Public Radio


“W” is for Williamson’s Plantation, Battle of [July 12, 1780]. After the fall of Charleston, New Acquisition District in present-day York County was reputedly the only district where no one took the King’s protections. Patriot raids on British outposts led to a detachment of the British Legion, under the command of Captain Christian Huck, being sent to punish the rebels. He responded vigorously by insulting the inhabitants and pillaging the countryside. On the night of July 11th he camped at James Williamson’s abandoned plantation in Brattonsville. A patriot force of 133 gathered and resolved to attack the enemy at first light. Caught by surprise, Huck’s command of 120 men offered little resistance. Huck was killed, as were most of his men. Popularly known as Huck’s Defeat, the Battle of Williamson’s Plantation was the first significant check on the British advance since their victory at Charleston.