Savannah River Site (S.C.) Stop 2 - The Bluff - Episode 4


This bluff is one of 30 areas set aside from the University of Georgia’s Savannah River Ecology laboratory. This area is vastly different from the tall pine community Rudy and Jim visited previously. Here, oak and hickory trees dominate this area, such as White oak, and Mockernut hickory. Blackgum, or Tupelo trees are found here as well. Witch-Hazel is found here due to the higher levels of moisture in the area. False Foxglove gets its name from the settlers who came to new world, and this flower looks like the Foxglove flower found in Europe, but is not related.

Fawn darner dragonflies love to fly close to moving streams, since streams bring food and mates.   

Red Bay trees are typical to coastal plain regions, and their being in the piedmont area is unusual.

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