Former Slave Elias Hill's Untold Story | Palmetto Scene


Allison Creek Presbyterian Church Pastor, Sam McGregor, explains, “It’s the greatest story of African American liberation that’s never been told…that centered around the life of Elias Hill, who was a man who was born into slavery.”

After the Civil War, Elias Hill became a Baptist Minister. He also became very politically active, forming the Union League, which was an early Civil Rights organization. When there was a rise of the KKK in York County, Elias communicated with representatives about their acts of terrorism. It is reasonable to conclude that these actions by Elias Hill were lead factors that led to his brutal attack.

After his attack, Elias testified against the Ku Klux Klan. Five of the Ku Klax Klan members who committed the atrocities were convicted and sent to prison in New York State. Still, after this experience, Elias decided that as an African American, it wasn’t safe for him to live in the community. He therefore organized a migration of 166 former slaves to Liberia.