Ethel and Maxie Gordon | SC African American History Calendar (2019) - Episode 4


Ethel and Maxie Gordon championed equal rights, and always strived for excellence. The Gordons were influential on a multitude of platforms, such as religion, education, public safety, and civil rights. They were high school sweethearts, and were devoted to each other ever since they first met at Reed Street High School in Anderson, South Carolina. Upon graduating, they earned their bachelor’s degrees at Benedict College, and then they pursued master’s degrees. Ethel and Maxie would reunite and take up teaching positions at Benedict College. In 1945, Dr. Maxie Gordon was called to serve as Pastor of First Calvary Baptist Church, in Columbia, S.C.  The Gordons were members of First Calvary’s congregation for over 40 years.

The Gordons were also well-known authors- Ethel penned two books, “Unfinished Business” and “Help! The Family Is In Trouble,” and Maxie wrote the book “Flashlights.”  

Ethel and Maxie Gordon campaigned for civil rights; combating systemic supremacy rules and distortions in the local community. One of the ways they did this was by negotiating for Columbia’s first black officers and firefighters.

Ethel and Maxie Gordon will always be remembered for their tireless efforts in education, the church, and their service in local communities.

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