Dori Sanders | Conversations with SC Writers


S.C. author Dori Sanders reads from her bestseller, Cloverand describes the characters in the novel. She talks about characters being based loosely on real-life but the stories being fictionalized. 

Ms. Sanders' father was also an author, as well as a teacher. She used to write him little notes on little pieces of paper, and she thinks now, looking back, that those were the inspiration for her writing.

Ms. Sanders still works on the family peach farm each day, and the little farming community that she lives in has inspired her work. She did not set out to write a book about race relations. She was writing about people instead. But she has observed people getting along in her community, where concerns about weather, and getting a crop in, play a larger part in their lives. 

Ms. Sanders discusses the skills that are needed in writing, such as observation, retention, and listening. She mentions the storytelling aspect of writing and the connections that are pieced together every day, working steadily, as though she were making a quilt.

Ms. Sanders concludes the program with a reading from Clover