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Standard C.LCS.4

C.LCS.4 Critique how a speaker addresses content and uses stylistic and structural craft techniques to inform, engage, and impact audiences.

Grade(s): 6

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Dori Sanders | Conversations with SC Writers


S.C. author Dori Sanders reads from her bestseller, Clover , and describes the characters in the novel. She talks about characters being based loosely on real-life but the stories being fictionalized...
Eleanora Tate | Conversations with SC Writers


Eleanora Tate is an award-winning author of children's books. She discusses writing The Secret of Gumbo Grill . Her idea for the book came from the fact that there were few books dealing with modern...
Tom Feelings | Conversations with SC Writers


Tom Feelings was both a writer and an illustrator. He taught illustrating at the University of South Carolina. Usually, the process is that a manuscript is submitted to a publisher, and the publisher...
Tommy Scott Young | Conversations with SC Writers


Students speak with poet, storyteller and writer Tommy Scott Young. Mr. Young starts with The Gingerbread Man . One of his secrets is to read outloud. The characters do not come fully alive without...
Darion McCloud | Inside Storytelling


Darion McCloud is a storyteller who works in the children's room of the Richland Library in Columbia, S.C. He is also an actor and director of theater productions. Most notably, he is the artistic...