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Standard W.MCC

W.MCC Meaning, Context, and Craft

Grade(s): 4

Subject(s): English Language Arts

Year: 2015

Telling Totem Poles
Telling Totem Poles


Students will learn about the Pacific Northwest culture of creating totem poles.

Betsy Byars | Conversations with SC Writers


Betsy Byars started her career writing for magazines. Later, she turned her attention to writing children's books. In 1971, she won a Newbery Medal for Summer of the Swans . Ms. Byars enjoys writing...
Dori Sanders | Conversations with SC Writers


S.C. author Dori Sanders reads from her bestseller, Clover , and describes the characters in the novel. She talks about characters being based loosely on real-life but the stories being fictionalized...
Matt Christopher | Converations with SC Writers


Matt Christopher opens by reading from The Kid Who Only Hits Homers . He states that all of his books are written to entertain the readers. He expresses the importance of writing with emotion. He...
Eleanora Tate | Conversations with SC Writers


Eleanora Tate is an award-winning author of children's books. She discusses writing The Secret of Gumbo Grill . Her idea for the book came from the fact that there were few books dealing with modern...
Tommy Scott Young | Conversations with SC Writers


Students speak with poet, storyteller and writer Tommy Scott Young. Mr. Young starts with The Gingerbread Man . One of his secrets is to read outloud. The characters do not come fully alive without...
John Troy McQueen | Conversations with SC Writers


South Carolina author of children's books, John Troy McQueen, begins with a reading from A World Full of Monsters . Mr. McQueen says that he sometimes writes story ideas down, but sometimes he allows...