Clubwomen, The Pollitzer Sisters & The Vote, Part 3 | Sisterhood: SC Suffragists - Episode 3


Support for women’s right to vote was growing in South Carolina. A custody battle and scandal between two legendary SC families gave the women’s suffrage movement a boost in SC. Lucy Pickens Dugas was married to Benjamin Tillman III, son of the infamous “Pitchfork” Ben Tillman. Their marriage fell apart, and the custody of the children eventually made its way to the SC Supreme Court. The case caught the attention of the local and national press; women from across SC wrote to The State newspaper denouncing Tillman. The court ruled in favor of Lucy, and what it did was open the eyes of many other women, like Eulalie Salley. Salley, from Aiken, SC became heavily involved in the women’s suffrage movement as a result of the Tillman scandal.