Behind The Scenes: Historic Brattonsville Blog (Southern Campaign)


ETV Endowment - Southern Campaign Tour, Day 3: On the third and final day of the Southern Campaign tour, we visited two battlefield sites: Historic Brattonsville, and King's Mountain. This video covers Brattonsville. In June 1780, the British had established an "outpost" at Rocky Mount, in the Catawba Valley. Lieutenant Colonel George Turnbull sent troops into what are now York and Chester counties to round up and eliminate the rebels. Captain Christian Huck, a loyalist from Philadelphia, was the leader. This battle became known as the "Battle at Williamson's Plantation" or "Huck's Defeat." Today, the battlefield and plantation location are a "living history" community. Park employees and docents wear attire from the period, and tell visitors about what life was like on the plantation. A few even wore period era uniforms. One person even wore an accurate British Green Dragoon uniform, and rode a horse! The community also is a fully functional farm, where livestock such as horses, sheep, pigs, and chickens are cared for.