Provincials and British Legion

During the American Revolutionary War, the British army recruited men from the colonies to fight for the Crown. These recruits were known as Provincials. They were uniformed professional soldiers who were trained to fight like the British army so they looked like “regular” British soldiers. They were a combination of infantry, cavalry, and artillery forces. Provincials were frequently joined by special units such as the Scottish Highlanders.  

British Provincials wore red or green uniforms.  In the Revolutionary War, cavalry units were typically referred to as “dragoons” or a “troop of horse.” Some Loyalist dragoons wore green, like Tarleton’s British Legion, or the Queen’s Rangers.  

Lieutenant Colonel Banastre Tarleton led the British Legion in the Battle of Waxhaws against Colonel Abraham Buford's and his men.

Christian Huck, a loyalist from Philadelphia, led a British Legion into the South Carolina back country near the Williamson's Plantation on Brattonsville.