U.S. History

The history of the United States beginning with the First Americans to Contemporary America in the 21st Century.
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Student Protests | The World of Cecil -Shorts


Learn about the pivotal role students and community leaders in Orangeburg, SC played in the struggle for civil rights. The Civil Rights Movement expanded across the state, including significant sit...
Clemson Integration | The World of Cecil -Shorts


Harvey Gantt’s arrival at Clemson University in 1963 officially marked the end of segregation at the university. Equipped with his camera, Cecil Williams was there to capture that historic moment.
Briggs v. Elliot Case | The World of Cecil -Shorts


Learn about the Briggs v. Elliott court case - The first in history to challenge segregation in public education. Joseph DeLaine, Levi Pearson, and Harry Briggs all played pivotal roles in this...
Memorializing A'ja Wilson
Memorializing A'ja Wilson


In celebration of being chosen as the January honoree for the 2024 South Carolina African American History Calendar, this lesson explores the accomplishments and contributions of A'ja Wilson and how...

Final Chapter | The World of Cecil


Cecil's career and life are described as essential in helping people understand the history, the sacrifices, and the victories of the movement. His dedication and ability to capture powerful moments...