Domestic Life

Take a look a back at how households handled cooking, cleaning and more.
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Dawn Corley | Carolina Snaps


Dawn Corley, known as the "Charleston Silver Lady," is a renowned silver expert who has lectured internationally and been featured in magazines and TV shows for her knowledge of antique jewelry. Her...
SC State Christmas Tree | From the Sky


The holiday season in South Carolina hosts a blend of tradition, warmth, and festive spirit. Each year, the South Carolina State Christmas Tree embarks on a journey, starting as a carefully selected...
3D VR - Benjamin Mays Historical Site | Let's Go!
3D VR - Benjamin Mays Historical Site | Let's Go!


Thank you so much for visiting the Let’s Go 3D VR – Benjamin Mays Historical Site interactive. As you tour the page, please notice the hotspot captions. SCETV Education asked fourth grade students...
Working in the Textile Mills | Let's Go!


Upcountry History Museum volunteer, Charles Blakely, shares his experience working in a textile mill. Blakely, who worked in a mill in Laurens, S.C. for one summer, says working in a textile mill was...