Domestic Life

Take a look a back at how households handled cooking, cleaning and more.
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3D VR - Benjamin Mays Historical Site | Let's Go!
3D VR - Benjamin Mays Historical Site | Let's Go!


Thank you so much for visiting the Let’s Go 3D VR – Benjamin Mays Historical Site interactive. As you tour the page, please notice the hotspot captions. SCETV Education asked fourth grade students...
Working in the Textile Mills | Let's Go!


Upcountry History Museum volunteer, Charles Blakely, shares his experience working in a textile mill. Blakely, who worked in a mill in Laurens, S.C. for one summer, says working in a textile mill was...
Beyond Barbados | Carolina Stories
Episode 6


From Whence They Came Gullah is the blending of all the cultures that came together during that horrible time in human history called the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The connection between Barbados and...
What Roles Did Women Serve In The World War I Era?
Episode 20


Dr. Kathryn Silva discusses how the trend of women leaving the house to find work took off in the early 1900's. Dr. Silva also analyzes how the lives of white women differentiated from the lives of...