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Standard 5.4.E

5.4.E Analyze multiple perspectives on the economic, political, and social effects of the Cold War, Space Race, and Civil Rights Movement using primary and secondary sources.

Grade(s): 5

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Women's Suffrage Movement
Episode 2


The second generation of suffragists came to prominence alongside the "New Woman" movement in the early 1900's. The American Woman Suffrage Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association...
Shuttle Challenger & Ron McNair
Episode 1


This video briefly discusses the space shuttle Challenger disaster, and ETV's Sumter station sends a crew to Ron McNair's hometown of Lake City, South Carolina. There, they interview friends of McNair...
S.C. Astronauts | Venture


South Carolina has played an important role in space exploration. Charles Duke, who grew up in Lancaster, S.C., walked on the moon in 1972. Charles Bolden, who grew up in Columbia, served as pilot on...
I. DeQuincey Newman | History of SC Slide Collection
I. DeQuincey Newman | History of SC Slide Collection
Episode 6


The congressional redistricting in 1981 led to the election of I. DeQuincey Newman as the first African-American South Carolina senator since the end of Reconstruction. Here, he greets some of his new...
Desegration in SC | Conversations on SC History
Episode 20


Noted South Carolina historian Dr. Walter Edgar discusses the key issues in SC History. Desegregation and other social change in South Carolina is discussed: World War II – Catalyst for Change...
Ronald Erwin McNair | S.C. Hall of Fame


One of three astronauts inducted into the South Carolina Hall Of Fame, Ronald McNair was one of the shuttle astronauts killed in the Challenger explosion on January 28, 1986. Born and raised in Lake...
S.C. Astronauts | S.C. Hall of Fame


S.C. Astronauts is a mini-documentary about South Carolina's three astronauts: Charles Duke, Jr. of Apollo 16; Ronald McNair of the Space Shuttle Challenger; and Shuttle Astronaut and current NASA...