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Standard 3.4.1.PR

3.4.1.PR Investigate the cultural characteristics of places and regions around the world.

Grade(s): 3

Subject(s): Social Studies

Year: 2019

Palmetto Rose | Go For It


From frond to rose, Devyn visits Charleston’s City Market to learn how to fold a Palmetto Rose.
Building The Home And Move To Clemson | Hanover House
Episode 2


This segment covers the St. Julien family settling near Charleston, and building their home and plantation. William Hiott, Director of Clemson University Historical Properties, talks about why the...
House History And Tour | Hanover House
Episode 4


This last segment features a tour around the house, showing each room, design choices exclusive to each room, and some of the antiques and various artifacts on display in the home. Today, the house...
Gullah Glossary | GullahNet
Gullah Glossary | GullahNet


benne wafer ( wa.fer) n. - a cookie made with sesame seeds and eaten for good luck; introduced by slaves from West Africa. / cast (cast) v. - to throw or fling. chaff (chaff) n. - lightweight...
Brookgreen Gardens | History of SC Slide Collection
Brookgreen Gardens | History of SC Slide Collection
Episode 2


Brookgreen Gardens, between Myrtle Beach and Georgetown on the coast of South Carolina, was formed when Archer M. Huntington joined together parts of four different rice plantations. Anna Hyatt...
Making Baskets | Gullah Net
Episode 5


The Gullah tradition of creating coiled grass baskets is a craft that has been handed down from generation to generation. Instead of weaving the baskets, a needle made from a spoon handle, bone or...
Songs | Gullah Net
Episode 8


Music is another important part of life on the Sea Islands. Most of the Gullah music is found in religious practices. Although spirituals had a Christian message, they were heartfelt expressions of...