K. South Carolina Houses & Gardens | History of SC Slide Collection

This section of images brings together a group of historic South Carolina buildings, gardens, and interior rooms in order to point out architectural features or other characteristics. They are interesting not just because of their own historic connections, but as examples of styles that have characterized South Carolina building construction over the years. Historic preservation has had a long and important history in South Carolina. Ann Pamela Cunningham, whose story can be found in “Portraits of Noted Carolinians,” was one of the first historic preservationists in the country. The preservation of the important architectural heritage of Old Charleston was one of the first efforts to save an historic district, rather than simply to preserve an individual building.
Buildings representing the various architectural styles or functions can be found in images throughout the rest of this collection.
Courtesy of the South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism.
Middleton Place | History of SC Slide Collection
Middleton Place | History of SC Slide Collection


Middleton Place was one of the great plantations along the Ashley River. A three story brick house was probably built around 1705 by John Williams. His daughter married Henry Middleton and after their...