Outside Kitchen At The Bush House In Ellenton | History of SC Slide Collection

The "outside kitchen" at the Bush House in Ellenton, photographed in 1951 by the Savannah River Plant, when all the historic buildings within the plant were documented through photography prior to their being moved or abandoned. This outbuilding may have been the first structure built on the site and probably did not serve as a kitchen until later. The plain, simple early national folk style of the older building with its "hall and parlour" design is overshadowed by the more elaborate later style of the "big house" to which it is attached. The whole is a good example of the way in which buildings, like people, often grow. It is somewhat unusual to have an interior chimney and fireplace between the wall connecting the house and kitchen; fires begun in the kitchen fireplace were a hazard that led many early homeowners to build their kitchens away from the main dwelling.

Courtesy of the Aiken County Historical Museum.

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