#109 September Factoids

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September 1-30

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September 2, 1864: During the American Civil War, Union General William Tecumseh Sherman captured Atlanta, Georgia; as part of his "March to the Sea" campaign. Gen. Sherman sent a telegraph to President Abraham Lincoln, stating "Atlanta is ours, and fairly won." (SCETV Series And Specials)

September 2, 1945: President Harry Truman declared September 2 as "Victory Over Japan" (or, V-J) Day. This date commemorates the official Japanese surrender to the Allies, on board the U.S.S. Missouri. South Carolinian veterans remember the end of the war, and the relief of finally being able to return home. (South Carolinians In WW II)


Teacher's Day - A day for appreciating teachers for their special contributions to education. View our videos that feature different teachers:


On September 6, 1911 Wilbur Stevenson Smith was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1990. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


On September 7, 1918 John Eldred Swearingen was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1988. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)


Sept. 8 - International Literacy Day – Visit our Libraries, Literature & Learning Collection


Sept. 11 – Remembering Our Heroes – in memory of the Americans who were killed in September 11 attacks. 


September 15 - October 15 – Explore Our Hispanic Heritage 

A day to celebrate Independence for Latin America, it is significant because it is the anniversary of independence for the Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. View our Hispanic Heritage collection to learn more about Hispanic customs and cultures.


Sept. 17 Constitution Day – Visit our Constitution Day Collection 


On September 23, 1980, Jesse Jackson, who is an important national African American leader, spoke at a "Re-elect President Carter" rally on the State House steps. (History Of South Carolina Slide Collection)


September 25, 1789: The first U.S. Congress proposed twelve amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The ten of these twelve amendments became known as the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights is just as relevant today, as it was over two hundred years ago. (Forgotten Founder, and 27:Fifty)


On September 30, 1921 James Alfred Chapman was born. He was inducted into the South Carolina Business Hall of Fame in 1987. (Legacy Of Leadership Profile)



These factoids were compiled by Imani-Grace King, 2017 ETV Endowment Intern (Digital Media/Knowitall)