Means, John Hugh | South Carolina Public Radio


“M” is for Means, John Hugh [1812-1862]. Governor. After graduating from South Carolina College, Means became a successful planter in Fairfield District. After one term in the General Assembly, he established himself as one of the leading fire-eaters in the upcountry and a vocal advocate of secession. He was elected governor in 1850. As governor, his administration set about to prepare the state for the possibility of secession and conflict with the federal government. He urged that the state’s military establishment be strengthened with the reorganization of the militia and the purchase of military materiel. He supported the use of state funds for railroad development. After one term, he retired to private life, but reemerged in 1860 to sign the Ordinance of Secession. During the Second Battle of Manassas, Colonel John Hugh Means was mortally wounded.