Montagu, Lord Charles Greville | South Carolina Public Radio


"M" is for Montagu, Lord Charles Greville (1741-1784). Governor. In 1766 Montagu was appointed governor of South Carolina. During the first three years he managed to settle differences between backcountry settlers and coastal residents—and supporting an act that established circuit courts throughout the colony. In 1769 he sailed to England and did not return until 1771. He was embroiled in a controversy with the Commons House over its control of funding the colony’s budget. His attempt to relocate the capital to Beaufort created a furor. After the Assembly censured him, he dissolved it and called for new elections. Reelected members promptly chose the same Speaker and Montagu abruptly dissolved them. In 1773, having lost control of the situation. Lord Charles Greville Montagu precipitously sailed for England and soon thereafter resigned the governorship.