McTyeire, Holland Nimmons | South Carolina Public Radio


“M” is for McTyeire, Holland Nimmons [1824-1889]. Clergyman. Educated at Cokesbury Institute and Randolph-Macon College, McTyeire was ordained in 1848 and served churches in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. In 1851, he was one of the founders of the New Orleans Christian Advocate and in 1858, the editor of the Christian Advocate—the foremost publication in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South. After the Civil War McTyeire was one of the leaders in reorganizing the denomination. In 1866, he was elected a bishop. He was a leader in establishing Central University—later Vanderbilt—and secured a $1 million gift from Cornelius Vanderbilt. He became the chief authority on the denomination’s government. Holland Nimmons McTyeire published a number of books, but is best remembered for A History of Methodism, written to commemorate the centennial of American Methodism.