Loggerhead Turtle | South Carolina Public Radio


“L” is for Loggerhead Turtle. State Reptile.  The loggerhead turtle, a threatened species, is one of the world’s eight living species of turtles and evolved some sixty-five million to seventy million years ago. At birth, hatchlings are about two inches long. Adults can weight between 200 and 250 pounds. The animal is reddish brown and yellow and has a distinctive large head—the source of its name--with powerful jaws enabling it to crush clams, crustaceans, and other food. Its great size and hard shell protect adult turtles from most predators. Adult loggerheads in the western Atlantic range from Newfoundland to Argentina, but they nest in temperate zones. Breeding occurs in the ocean and, and females lay their eggs between May and September. South Carolina beaches are favorite nesting grounds. The loggerhead turtle [Caretta caretta] was named the state reptile on June 1, 1988.