Victory by Valor: Shaw Air Force Base, Part 3 - 20th Fighter Wing - Combat Readiness - Episode 3


The three squadrons of the 20th Fighter Wing must be ready for high-intensity combat at a moment's notice. That requires training of typically about 12 hours a day. The planning usually happens the day prior, depending on the complexity of the mission. Captain Bill Maclin, an F16 pilot, describes the process. 

Colonel James Post explains that the 20th Fighter Wing is engaged in operations in the Republic of Korea, Southwest Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The installation deployment officer, 2nd Lieutenant Zachary Buckallew, speaks about a period of heavy deployment that began in 2008, and about his role of ensuring that the tasks that come through the base are deployed and re-deployed in an expeditious, efficient and safe manner. 

Col. Post discusses the 79th Fighter Squadron and their support staff being deployed to Korea, and the 77th Fighter Squadron to Southwest Asia.

For every person deployed, there are about 100 people behind them, taking care of all aspects, including preparing the food, doing administrative work, giving briefings, and more.