Victory By Valor: Shaw Air Force Base, Part 1 - Overview - Episode 1


Shaw Air Base in Sumter, S.C. is the home of the 20th Fighter Wing of the United States Air Force, with 88 aircraft and three fighter squadrons. Shaw is also headquarters for the 9th Air Force and U.S. Air Force Central Command--area of responsibility, Southwest Asia.

Colonel James Post is the Wing Commander of the 20th Fighter Wing and is the senior military member of approximately 4,200 men and women assigned to the 20th Fighter Wing. They are the premiere F16 wing when it comes to forced protection, providing suppression of enemy air defenses and destruction of enemy air defenses. Their responsibility is to organize, train and equip airmen that man-up 19 squadrons, and a wing staff, to train and be prepared to project and sustain combat operations, whenever or wherever they are called upon. His personal goal is to make sure that every airman has the maximum opportunity to excel as an airman and as an indiviual. The goal is to make sure that they are able to do the job that is expected, and do it with no losses, no injury, no loss of resources, maintain maximum combat effectiveness, and leverage what they have to the maximum efficiency possible.