USC Music Entrepreneurship Program Inspires Artists | Carolina Money


More and more, music schools and institutes are incorporating entrepreneurship classes, organizations, clubs, seminars and workshops into their programs. Why is that? In order to explore the truth behind this fact, we reached out to David Cutler, Director of Music Entrepreneurship at USC, and some of his current and former students who decided to approach their art in innovative ways.

David Cutler, Director of Music Entrepreneurship at USC discusses how much music exists in the world, and that there is no shortage of musicians. That doesn't mean that there is no need for them! However, there are insufficient leaders who can find new solutions to new or old problems, people who can create a bond with audiences and help to solve real-world problems. The financials are difficult, but he finds that the hardest thing is to re-program people's minds. People in the arts used to think that they had to be starving artists, but that attitude has largely gone away.
Kate McKinney discusses the opportunity she has had as a producer at South Carolina Public Radio. She discusses how fulfilling and wonderful her job is. She says that most music students believe there are only two paths, either as a performer or an educator. But her career is proof that you can stay true to your art and that it doesn't have to be in a conventional setting.
Susan Zhang and Nick Luby discuss The Concert Truck. The truck is a mobile concert hall. It is equipped with a fold-down stage and lighting and sound equipment, to give piano concerts to people in open spaces, schools and underserved areas. Their mission is to share piano music with people in all walks of life, and they can go wherever there is a need for music!
Cutler says that this is a great time to be an artist! But you have to change. "You might have to change what you do, you might have to change your art, or you might have to change the way that you approach your art, or you might have to change the way that you think about your role in society." He continues this thought. View the video.