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Euripides - USC Theater Dept. (2004)

A Closer Look

This scene from The Trojan Women was shot in the studio at South Carolina ETV using three cameras. The actresses originally performed the play onstage at the University of South Carolina in February, 2004. Several months later the scene was restaged for television cameras. How do you think it changed? How is the acting different for the camera than for a theater? How is the set different? The makeup? Try to imagine how your favorite TV show would look if it were a play.

About the Play

The Trojan Women was written by the Greek poet and playwright Euripides, who was born around 480 BC. At the beginning of the play the Greek army has conquered Troy after nine years of war. All the Trojan men are dead, the city is in ruins, and the women, including Queen Hecuba and her daughter-in-law Andromache, have been divided up amongst the Greeks as their slaves. This production was staged by the University of South Carolina Department of Theater and Dance; the scene in the video clip was shot in the studio of South Carolina ETV.

About the Artists

The Greek playwright Euripides makes a strong anti-war statement in the tragedyThe Trojan Women. Here Hecuba is played by USC Department of Theater and Dance faculty member Erica Tobolski. USC student Mary Floyd plays Andromache, the wife of Hecuba's son Hector, and students Beth Hitesman and Vaughan Shearer portray the Chorus.

Write About It

  • Make a list of what you see and hear in the production.
  • How does the production use the elements of theater?
  • What is your opinion of the prodcution? How does it make you feel?